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We offer numerous adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) options. We will help you determine if an ARM is a good fit for your situation. Although adjustable rate loans are not for every client there are scenarios in which these loan programs offer a benefit to the customer.

These loans require slight higher credit profile than FHA typically conventional loans also require at least 5% down for a more credit worthy borrower with significant down payment a lower payment opposed to FHA can be obtained.

The FHA program is a government insured loan with guidelines suitable to help people with certain credit needs this loan was created to help people obtain homes with secure low monthly payment to make the dream of owning more obtainable by all borrowers and credit types.

We offer some of the lowest rates in the industry on fixed rate mortgages with 30 year and 15 year amortizations.

We offer loan amounts up to 2.7 million the jumbo loan does require at least 20% down and there is a .50 adjustment to the interest rate.

We offer numerous refinance programs with or without appraisals also numerous programs with lender fees and minimal closing costs. We also offer many cash out refinance programs but all this is dependent on equity and what your house will appraise for.

This is a loan product designed for the borrower that wants to purchase a home that needs renovations or repairs as long as the house will appraise for base sales price plus amount of repairs FHA will allow the repair amount to be financed into the loan.

We are proud to offer reverse mortgages for our senior citizens. Even though the reverse mortgage is not suitable for everyone this product has many advantages and many safeguards to ensure our senior receive proper education and information in determining if this is the right decision for them. If you meet the age requirement and equity requirement in your home you are allowed to pull the cash out and use it as you deem necessary you have the option to either pay interest monthly, annually, or have your family pay the interest from sale or refinance of property after you pass away. It also gives seniors the freedom to enjoy the equity they have earned during their lifetime to live a more secure and at ease life in their later years. If you have any questions and would like to speak to one of our loan reverse mortgages we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

This is a loan designed for low to moderate income clients to purchase homes. To use this loan the house you are wanting to purchase must be in a certain area. The biggest benefit to this product is it is 100 loan to value which means 0 down if seller pays your closing costs also another great feature is the annual mortgage insurance premium is significantly lower than FHA or Conventional Product.

At Affordable Lending Group we take great pride in providing guidance on mortgage transactions for Veterans that qualify for VA Loans. We offer a wide array of VA loan products including purchase and refinance transactions. And our company would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have served and continue to serve our great nation.

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